goan prawn curry in 5 minutes!

goan prawn curry in 5 minutes!
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Coconut and warm aromatic spices are blended together to create this hot and tangy Goan Curry Sauce.

‘Susegad’ – a Goan word derived from the Portuguese word “Sossegado”(Quiet) sums up the relaxed, laid back life in “South Asia’s Latin Quarter”. Susegad is a concept, a contented way of life, and the closest you can come to describing it in English is “Chill & Relax”. Or “Chillax”.

With its coastline, coconuts and chilled out lifestyle, Goa has long been India’s global hippy hideout. Much like Goa itself, this local favourite curry sauce brings flavours from its Portuguese influence together with coastal Indian classics to make culinary peace and love. Just chillax.

Here is a quick recipe for a delicious Goan Prawn curry.

Serves Two.


– 400g raw king prawns

– 1 Holy Cow! Goan prawn curry sauce (250g)

– 2-3 Green chillis


  1. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a pan, add raw king prawns and lightly sauté for 1 minute.
  2. Add Holy Cow! Goan Curry Sauce and simmer for 2 mins or until the prawns are cooked through. Add upto 50ml of water (if necessary) to maintain consistency.
  3. Slice 2-3 green chillies length wise (wash the seeds away if you don’t want the added heat, this sauce is already quite hot) and use as garnish.
  4. Serve with Rice (and maybe a beer!)

If you have a bit more time, here are a few more suggestions:

  • Add fish: I like to add a bit of fish to this curry along with the prawns. Mackrel works best, but you could use sea bass or hake. I use boneless fillets of fish, so make sure you de-bone and de-scale the fish. Fry the fish, skin side down for about a minute and then remove the skin and keep aside. Just the fish to the dish in its last minute of cooking, just ensure the fish is just cooked through before serving.
  • Prepare the prawns: For the king prawns, you could leave the tail on. But slit them length wise for the flavours to seep through.
  • Marinate: I usually marinate the fish and prawns with a pinch of tumeric, paprika powder, salt, pepper and a dash of lemon juice. Leave the mix for 30 minutes to 4 hours.
  • Prawn “flavour”: This is an awesome local trick often used in the west coastal region of India. Take a fresh prawn, completely cleaned, and blend it with the sauce before you pour the sauce into the pan. It adds great flavour to the curry.

Happy cooking. I would love to hear your feedback on this Goan favourite. I am here to answer any questions you may have on this recipe.


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  • hermyam

    My husband made this yesterday and it was amazing: creamy and mild enough that the fussy teen pronounced it delicious, while still packing a flavour punch that circumvented hubby’s quenchless thirst for heat. One problem. We’d found the sauce in a Tesco in Kent when we were visiting friends, but our local store doesn’t seem to stock it. 🙁